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​Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Where is High Country Kennel Located? 

        We are located south of Lansing Iowa.

2.   Can We Come Pick The Puppy Up In Person?

       ABSOLUTLEY!!!! Appointments are required. You may also come visit us before the pups
      are ready but I cannot stress enough that you MUST make an appointment so we know 
      who you are and when your coming. As we all know, not everybody in the world is on the
      up and up so we want to get to know you a bit first before we invite you into our home. 
      If somebody stops in unannounced we can only assume the worst and we are not hesitant
      to summon the help of our county sheriff. So anybody out there reading this with ill
      intentions, think twice. If you don't have ill intentions, you will have no problem giving us
      a phone call. 

3.    How Are The Puppies Registered? 

      What About Full or Limited Registration?
      High Country Kennel puppies are APRI or AKC Registered. 
      Most generally puppies are sold on Limited Registration status. 
      Full Registration is open to discussion but it must be it must be brought to my attention. 
      If you feel your limited registered puppy is of show or breeding quality at a later date
      I would be happy to help you determine this quality and possibly lift the Limited
      status to Full but only the breeder of the litter has the power to do that. 
      Full Registration- Offspring from a fully registered dog can be registered with the AKC. 
      Limited Registration- Offspring from a limited registered dog cannot be registered
      with the AKC. 

4.   Do You Require A Contract? 


5.   Are The Puppies Guaranteed?

        Yes, 10 days against communicable diseases and 2 years against major genetic    
        abnormalities. Specifics are explained in further detail in the contract. 

6.   Do You Let Puppies Go To New Homes Before 8 Weeks Of Age?

        ABSOLUTLEY    NOT! 
      1. They need to have received all of their scheduled vaccinations  otherwise they are not
           adequately protected. 
      2. They gain much needed socialization skills from their siblings and mother in order to
            become a successful canine citizen.

7.    Is Shipping Safe?


8.   What Methods Of Payment Are Accepted? 

       We accept most forms of payment but each has their own specific details. 
       Personal Checks(full payment must be to me 2 weeks prior to shipment if your puppy is to
       be shipped) 
       PayPal, if using instant transaction option you can wait until the Monday(usually 5 days
       before) prior to shipment to pay the full balance. If using the E-Check option the full
       payment must be submitted no later than 1 full week before pick up or shipping. 
       Effective  April 1st a 2.9% service fee will be added to all PayPal transactions.

9.   Must The Puppy Be Paid In Full Prior To Being Shipped?
       Unfortunately, yes. Just as there are honest people out there, there are a few dishonest 
       people who have no intentions of ever paying the full balance after receiving their puppy
       regardless of the outcome. 

10.   How Do I Reserve A Puppy?

         A deposit of  $500. is required to hold a puppy until it is ready to go. 
         If the puppy is picked  up in person, the remainder can be paid in cash at the time of
         pick up. 
         If the  puppy is flown it is due to us 5 days before transport. 

11.   What Kind Of Food Are The Puppies Eating?

       The puppies are eating Taste of The Wild Puppy. It is a high quality food and I
       recommend you continue using it if it is available to you. If there is not a dealer located
       within a reasonable distance please ask me for suggestions on other brands and options
       that might be available to you. Fromms.
       Our adults are currently eating Fromms formual. In addition to being well balanced and
       a quality ingredient list, it has a joint health formula added to it

12. What If I Can No Longer Care For My Puppy?

        You are welcome to contact me and I will be glad to help you in ANY way I can. I can
       assist in either finding it a new home in your area or we can find away to get the puppy 
       or dog back to me even if that requires shipping it back. Your not only welcome to contact
       me but highly encouraged to do so. 

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