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High Country Kennel is family-owned and operated right here in Lansing Iowa. I have been raising dogs  40 years.  What better job can you have ?? 
I get to have puppy kisses every day. I do have granddaughters to play with, and love on your puppy.
  We feel it is very important to stay informed and knowledgeable. Not only do we read a lot we attend several seminars a year. We have the opportunity to meet and ask several questions to a variety of veterinarians. They specialize in breeding and puppies and they educate us on the latest ways to keep our puppies and parents healthy. Please, feel free to browse our website. Look at the puppies for sale and if you have any question please call or email us.

A Blue Prints to the ideal. French Bulldog & Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

  A masterpiece in the making... Always a work in progress.

This is what we all strive to bred. One that comes close to perfection .... 
This is Stetson and I .   APRI Champion
Committed to helping familys find there next great puppy
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Now about the actual kennel. The kennel has a life all it's own and deserves it's own introduction and an explanation of what sets us above the rest. The first thing is education. Education about health, nutrition, vaccinations, genetics, grooming, pediatrics, history of our breed, the future of our breed and our overall passion for the purebred dog. The list could keep on going of the things we are constantly researching. The second thing is actually putting into practice the things we've learned and third ingredient is time, lots of it. 

Our education consists of a variety of resources. One resource is breeder educational conferences held throughout the year. Usually hosted by dog clubs and have a variety of speakers, usually vets or other professionals that work specifically in certain areas. They bring to us the latest research and information available. The newest and best vaccines, the latest research in pathological and genetic diseases, how to prevent, diagnose, and treat. This is where we get "hot off the press" information. Many of these vets work closely with researching Universities such as Universities of Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Oklahoma which have some of the most state of the art research facilities. Another resource are our very own vets, we happen to work with 4 different vets in our area to best meet our needs. Each one has different strengths. If we have questions we have several professionals to work with to get it resolved learning a great deal in the process that we use for future reference. Then there is just plain old research done by hitting the books or using certain online veterinary resources. We have a small library of canine from veterinary, canine psychology, grooming, and more. We also spend more than the normal amount of time researching the internet and talking with breeder networks. We're also members of local breeder clubs where information and experiences are shared. 

We spend a lot of time getting educated, we also spend a lot of time doing actual hands on work and putting it all into practice. We have a daily feeding, watering, and poopy patrol schedule for starters. That alone can take a few hours espeially when your as thorough as we are. Each dog gets a once over, some require additional daily care such as pregnant momma's. It's proven that pregnant momma's who are handled daily have friendlier better adjusted puppies. Some may need walked while others needs a little extra pampering. There are coats to condition, nails to trim, and puppies to kiss, the list goes on and on. When a litter is born, we have to get up every two hours to check on mom and babies to make sure everyone is snuggled nicely together. Newborn puppies are extremely temperature sensitive and if they get away from their mom and siblings or off the heated area, they can get a chill and die within a few hours. New litters take priority and sometimes we even have to skip going to holiday get together or spend our special events at home, because nobodies going anywhere when we have new babies. There is time devoted to record keeping, answering phone calls and emails regarding our dogs, going over puppy applications and one of the more favorite tasks is the puppies going to their new homes and meeting their new forever families. Being a dog breeder is something that takes a real passion to do well. 

You don't learn the in's and outs overnight. Knowing when to go to the vet, which lady should meet which gentlemen and what vitamins are needed, or when we need to rush an expecting lady off for a c-section is something that is learned and perfected with time and experience. We are proud of our corgi and french bulldog heritage and are excited to see where our garnered experience will take us in the breed. We also look forward to making you a part of the High Country family with one of our puppies.